At Seta di Gioia, we believe that you should not only look good in your Seta di Gioia necktie, but you should understand what makes your necktie special as well. Read below to learn more about the unique features that differentiate our neckties from the rest.

White Saddle Stitch: A saddle stitch is a visible hand stitching on the back of the necktie which holds both parts of the necktie together and is a hallmark sign of old world workmanship. Most neckties are sewn together with a Liba machine, a semi-automated machine that tries to duplicate the look and resiliency of hand stitching. Hand stitching is used in the manufacturing of high-quality neckties because it provides room for the silk to move when the necktie is pulled and tightened. You will find our signature white saddle stitch on every Seta di Gioia necktie. Although slight variations may exist due to the handmade nature of each necktie, our artisans have taken painstaking efforts to ensure the uniformity of each stitch (thread length) and the spacing between each stitch (step).

Double Slip Stitch Loop: Every Seta di Gioia necktie features a double slip stitch loop found on both the blade (thick end of necktie) and tail (narrow end of necktie). The slip stitch loop allows the necktie to move along the exposed saddle stitch thread to assure that it won't rip when it's being worn. When the necktie is hung up after each use, its natural weight pulls the necktie back into shape. One can also pull on either end of the slip stitch loop to realign your Seta di Gioia necktie to its original shape. This is a feature only found on quality handmade neckties.

Self-Tip: A self-tipped necktie is one where the silk fabric utilized on the front is also utilized on the back and inside. This method features more of the great silk throughout the necktie than using the typical taffeta or acetate lining on the tip. A self-tipped necktie hangs better and has a nicer finish. All Seta di Gioia neckties are self-tipped.

Double Bar Tack: The bar tack is a stitch made in heavy yarn to close and hold a necktie together. Every Seta di Gioia necktie has double bar tacks which join the body of the tie at both the blade (thick end of necktie) and tail (narrow end of necktie). Bar tacks are another sign of a high quality necktie.

Self-Loop: The loop is the strip of fabric you slide the tail (narrow end of necktie) through when you wear the necktie. A self-loop is made of the same fabric as the rest of the necktie and is sewn on by hand. All Seta di Gioia neckties use the same high quality silk for the self-loop as the rest of the necktie.

100% Silk from Como, Italy: Como is the center of Italian silk production and serves the world's top fashion houses. Our journey in producing the finest handmade luxury Italian neckties begins here, where our 100% pure silk is naturally dyed and woven into various patterns and designs. Various types of silk and the way they are weaved produce different textures. Each Seta di Gioia necktie presents a unique experience one can see and feel.