THE BEST NECKTIE FOR A JOB INTERVIEW


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So you’ve submitted your application for your dream job. What you need to do now is leave a great impression at your job interview. In addition to acting confident, you also need to look the part. Our staff at Seta di Gioia has put together tips to help you choose the best necktie that will leave the right impression.

What does your tie pattern say about you?

Before any words are spoken, your tie pattern already says a lot about you. When you wear a dark suit and white shirt to an interview, your tie is the first thing that your interviewer will notice. That’s why it’s important to wear a necktie that sends the right message. First, decide whether you want to show power, style, creativity, or open-mindedness. Then, choose your necktie accordingly. Striped ties symbolize power and sophistication. Paisley ties convey traditional classicism. Geometric pattern ties can suggest creativity. And finally, solid color ties show style and a contemporary fashion sense. The “right” tie pattern will be different for every person. Just remember to keep in mind the message you are trying to convey, then pick the best necktie to get that message across.

What does your tie color say about you?

The color of your tie is equally as critical as the pattern. Black is the color of authority and power. It’s stylish and timeless, but wearing too much of it can make you seem unapproachable. Grey is sophisticated and confident, and is therefore one of the most popular colors to wear to an interview. A bright color like yellow can be overpowering if it’s overused. Red is an intense and aggressive color. It will get you noticed, but may not be the best color to wear to an interview. Green is calming and refreshing, and is the easiest color on the eye. Blue symbolizes loyalty and control, and is a recommended color for interviews. Brown reflects stability and promotes communication. Again, choose the necktie color according to the impression you would like to leave.

Consider your necktie choices carefully because it will say a lot about you. If you choose well, your tie can win you a lot of points before the job interview even begins. Never underestimate the power of being well dressed to help you nail a job interview or any other important meeting.

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